Hotel Suites

Hotels use various labels for the different forms of accommodations that they provide. They offer private and serviced rooms for their guests, ranging from the most basic budget-style to enormously luxurious accommodation. A simple hotel room refers to just a simple room, while hotel suites refer to either a series of connected rooms or an extra-large room.

Standard hotel rooms range from small and tight to somewhat luxurious, depending on the hotel’s class. It usually comes with queen or king size beds. It also comes with a dresser, private bathroom, cable television, and writing desk with chair. Some hotels offer rollaway cots to accommodate another person in the room for an extra charge. Some hotels also charge an extra fee to get access to hotel amenities such as swimming pools, high-speed internet access, and exercise facilities.

Master bedroom of a luxurious hotel suite

Master bedroom of a luxurious hotel suite

On the other hand, hotel suites are offered in various ranges of sizes. Standard hotel suites usually include a bedroom, a separate living area, and a private bathroom. Some hotel suites include more than one bedroom and bathroom. Some hotel suites even have offices, patios, private kitchens, and more.

Hotel suites are small and fancy apartments intended for a large party or family accommodation. With an ambience that feels like home, hotel suites allow guests to relax, cook dinners, and enjoy the level of comfort and amount of space that they have  in their own houses. With all the extra amenities, most business travelers, who stay in hotels for a longer time, choose to stay in hotel suites.

There are considerable frills and variations within hotel suites; the rule of thumb is that “the more you pay, the more you get.” Some business-oriented hotels offer executive levels of hotel suites. It comes with a steep premium for extra perks such as access to airline-style lounges and free pay-per-view movies.

Nevertheless, inquire about the specifics before booking a hotel suite. Getting a suite for families or groups that are traveling together, costs less than getting two or more hotel rooms. Pricing out all the options before booking a hotel suite is a good idea.