Top Hotels

Hotels are as diverse as their guests. Consumers consistently value luxury, but define it in very different ways. These justifications are influenced by demographics, upbringing and educational levels. Three criteria were universally applied by consumers in ranking the top hotels. Hotel guests valued most how they were regarded and cared for. They considered how the hotels accommodated their personal needs and interests. Were they able to enjoy the scenic beauty unique to their location? Finally, what options were made available to hotel guests? These factors were the most significant in the selection of top hotels.

A top hotel furnishes their guests with standard services befitting the status of top hotel. The decor may not be opulent, but suites and rooms are designed with elegant furnishings that make every guest feel comfortable and relaxed. Privacy is not considered a luxury; it is afforded to all guests under any circumstance or activity. Security is a high priority at a top hotel. Their objective is to keep every guest safe and make them feel protected. A top hotel focuses on the well-being of their guests; accordingly, they provide concierge service to all welcomed guests.

Distinct elements are incorporated into the amenities of a top hotel. Suites are not considered mandatory requirements at a top hotel; although, they are often available. A top hotel utilizes exclusive features that are unique to their location and environment. They enable guests to interact with rare or exotic wildlife. They can provide access to historic and artistic emblems and venues. A top hotel can be a portal of discovery; enhancing the personal experiences of their guests; an encounter with exotic animals, participation in a conservation project, a business venture that succeeded or a family reunion that surpassed everyone’s expectations and the opportunity to engage in new activities.

The Marigot Bay in St. Lucia

The Marigot Bay in St. Lucia

World renowned top hotels:
1. Bushmans Kloof/Wilderness Reserve and Wilderness Retreat
Cedar Mountains Wilderness Area, South Africa
2. Oberoi Vanyavilas
Sawai Madhopur Rajastan, India
3. Jade Mountain
St. Lucia
4. New Inn at Manitou
McKeller, Ontario

A top hotel demonstrates the essence of hospitality to the delight of their guests.